The Ramos Sports Bar Weekly 9-Ball Tourney

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Mar 6th Bracket

Entry: $5.00

House matches player pot
Food and drink specials exclusive for players

    NON-SMOKING Tourney


Winner breaks, No Jump-Cues, 3-Foul Rule, 9 in bottom 2 no good, Rack your own. Lag for break. Races 3-3 unless turn-out dictates change. No wild 9’s except on break in top 4 pockets. After break, 9 & pocket must be called to win.

Each time you play, you earn 1 credit which equals 5 raffle tickets for a VERY nice custom made cue drawing which will be held in the near future. Raffle tickets can also be purchased even if you don’t play. $1 = 1 ticket / $5 = 8 tickets and $15 = 25 tickets. Contact Elijah at Austin9Ball dot com if you want to buy raffle tickets or show up at Tourney time to qualify / buy.

For Sale

  • New J&J Jump Break Cue w/case
  • 2 x 2 Hard Leather Cue Case
  • Magic Racks w/case


email: austinslim at austin nine ball . com